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The Exam Online Software provides Actual Score for each subject o help you analyse your strength and weakness.

Are you worried about your studies ?

Preparing for Joint Entrance Exams (JEE)/ ICSE/ CBSE/ WBBSE during this lockdown period, when schools and colleges are closed and Tuitions are not available…

Are you worried about your scores in the upcoming exams ?

Many of you have taken online tuitions, consulted study guide, test papers, suggestion books and more. You are planning to appear for these exams depending on such preparations.

But, can you measure your exact progress ?

You have studied all subjects from Physical Science to Mathematics, from Geography to Chemistry to Languages. Maybe you have answered a lot many sample questions for JEE, ICSE or CBSE….

Do you know your strength and weakness for Exams Online ?

Are you ever in doubt that you are lagging behind others or may not be able to score enough to pass the JEE Entrance ? Do you think you need better preparation for CBSE or ICSE classes to score more in examinations?

If your answer is True for any of the above, then you have reached the right place. The Best Exam Online Software for JEE Mock Test

Even if you are confident of passing through your Exam, Tuuple Exam Online is the Right App to get an analysis of your preparation and know your exact strength and weakness.


Depth of KNOWLEDGE is the most important Factor for Success in Exams

Tuuple Exam Online

Features of the Software for Online Exam

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Download Exam Online Software Free, Register & Choose your course and Subjects to start giving Mock Tests

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From Class 6 – 10, all subjects covered. NEET, JEE, CBSE, ICSE, WBBSE – Best app for Jee Mock Test

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All questions have Multiple Choice answers. An easy to use Interface to guide you. Questions prepared by experts.

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This software for online exam provides a score card which will give you your exact strength and weakness in any given subject.

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The most important thing for a student is DOK (Depth of Knowledge) and Level of Retention. Exam Online provides a perfect assessment for both.

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This means that the Exam Online Software estimates your IQ and sets customized questions for you. This helps in better preparation.

Exam Online Software keeps you Ahead in Exams

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What Our Student Users Have to Say

Excellent ! Amazing interface and wholesome user experience. The aspect that really awed me is that I never imagined an app having a dedicated section for #WBBSE (i.e. West Bengal Board) apart from ICSE and CBSE. Kudos to the development team! ​
I am preparing for jee 2021. I was very stressed what to do how to get good marks. Saw this app on play store and gave a try. I like this, good app found it easy to operate for Jee mock test, and so many questions. Keep it up! Good!
Very useful Apps....I am using this App for NEET EXAM. Standard of Questions and back to back Mock tests based on AI are really awesome. YouTube instruction videos for downloading the apps are also very useful....easy to understand.
Okay so I came across this exam online software/app a week ago. And to my surprise its a really interesting app. It gives AI based feedback which makes it so easy to evaluate my results. I get feedbacks and realize where to improve. Altogether a good start for CBSE exams.

How to Use Exam Online Software?

Exam Online Software is available as an app for Unlimited mock Test focusing on Joint entrance exams, CBSE exams, ICSE exams. Students can make a profile, choose a course, select ICSE paper / CBSE subjects / JEE chapters and then start giving mock tests.

Exam Online is the preferable software or app for JEE Mock Test, exam preparation for NEET, WBBSE, CBSE, ICSE also. It provides AI based questions depending on DOK or depth of knowledge of the student automatically. Each test comes with an assessment for easy understanding of the level of studies, student strength and weaknesses. This helps in CBSE exam preparation and JEE exams also. 

Teachers can easily use this app to create a student batch and while the app sets questions, the teacher can monitor the progress of each student easily. Exam Online is a great educational support for schools also. Each student gets customised question papers according to merit and the multiple batch of students can be monitored easily. Exam Online Software is the best app for students replacing suggestions for ICSE, and question answer books for CBSE – it helps a student to learn in a scientific way for success in JEE and other entrance exams apart from ICSE, CBSE, NEE and WBBSE which are already included in the app. We found this nice article on Exam Preparation which you might find helpful.