Examonline is the website for the revolutionary education app – Exam Online as published by Tuuple Technocraft Private Limited. Exam Online covers all major Indian Entrance examinations like Joint Entrance, NEET, CBSE, ICSE and WBBSE.

Here at Tuuple we believe that technology changes education. Teaching and evaluating students is no longer restricted to the four walls of the classroom. It can happen anytime, anywhere with the help of digital equipment and the Internet.

It is not surprising then that more and more educators are gradually moving from traditional methods to more practical technological solutions.

While evaluating online exam assessment vs the traditional method we came across some advantages which prompted us to develop this AI powered app:

1. Getting a test result right away brings satisfaction and peace of mind.

2. Immediate feedback can make learning and teaching more effective.

3. Students can take the exam online anytime, anywhere.

4. They can be more fun and interactive by incorporating multimedia elements.

5. Parents can simply see the score and know the status of their children.

6. Avoid travel and associated contact, stress, and save money.

7. Technology easily accommodates students with accessibility issue.

There are other advantages also – the current pandemic situation due to Covid 19 has made Physical interaction with teachers and tutors next to impossible. Moreover, the fact that the younger generations, as digital natives, are more adept at using mobile devices. The use of these gadgets is part of their life and they feel much more comfortable with their use than with a paper and a pen. So the use of technology can help make the exam experience more relaxed and engaging.

The app leverages an advanced Ai mechanism which analyses each and every student individually and customises the questions accordingly. So, apart from scores, the student gets an assessment of DOK (Depth of Knowledge) and Retention Power also. This invariably helps in prepareing better for subjects where the student is lagging.

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