TUUPLE - Online Exam Mobile App - How to Use?

A user guide on how to use the Exam Online Mobile App from creating your profile, selection of courses to answering questions. We have included all screens to guide you through the process of using the app for successful preparation for your JEE, CBSE, ICSE, NEET Mock Tests.

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1. Click On Signin

Exam Online App

2. Select your google id

3. From Drop down list Select Student

4. After selecting Student as Role, Click on Start Registration

5. Click on Ok to confirm the Role selection

6. Type Your Name and Click Next

7 Select your country

8. Click Next

Exam Preparation App

9. Give your area or postal pin code and Click Next

10. Give your phone number to get latest exam notification and click Next

11. Select your board and class

12. Select profile picture and Click Next

Exam Preparation App

13. Click on submit to complete the process

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