Student preparing for exam


Riju Dasgupta – Kolkata

Are you studying very hard for your exam but still unable to battle with dwindling focus? Does it appear to be difficult for you to concentrate on your studies again & again? Then, this article is perfect for you.

These days, most of the adolescents are facing difficulties in being focussed on anything. Mostly, everything distracts them; even smaller disappointments cause them a lot of stress that they consider changing their ultimate objectives. 

In this article, we will discuss a few essential tips and tricks which can address your question, “How to remain focused?”

  1. Enjoy what you study

Ensure that you are getting a kick out of whatever you’re studying. Attempt to discover ways of doing things that make the task more fun and your mind happy. Hence, you’ll be able to focus and understand better if you’re not exhausted with it.

  • Get a peaceful sleep

Ensure you’ve taken a good night’s sleep during your exam. While you might want to cram the last night, you’ll be extremely alert and able to memorize the concepts and formulas after a peaceful sleep to revive the batteries.

  • Eliminate distractions 

Ensure your cellphone is on Do Not Disturb mode, your emails aren’t set up on alert mode, and your cellular data is off. Do not let distractions rule you!

  • Strategizing is important 

Indeed, planning a strategy plays a vital role in setting up the ultimate goal. If you’ve made a study plan and created a strategy for your exam, it turns out to be simple to stay focused on your studies.

  • Allow breaks

As significant as it’s to stay focused, it’s also vital to allow breaks and relax for a while. If you have an Online exam finishing at 3 PM, and afterward, one more online exam at 8 PM the following day, do not attempt and leave the exam hall and go directly to study. Allow yourself some time to freshen up your mind. A visit to the swimming pool or a short game of tennis will help you let your mind relaxed to regain concentration later.

Concentration is something that can’t be taught, however, practiced. The more you push your psyche to focus on something, the more concentrated you’ll be. However, you need to recall that concentration comes just to those who have a healthy body and mind. Therefore, it is advisable that every individual must stick to a healthy lifestyle.

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