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By Abhiskek Mukherjee, Durgapur

The approach with which a student prepares for any exam plays a vital role, and if the examination is JEE, the significance of such strategy becomes more important. Various candidates seek a genuine answer on how to attempt the JEE exam with a goal that they don’t end up encouraging negative marking, which is the greatest fear for all the aspirants.

Regardless of how well your JEE preparation is, if you do not have a tactic to approach the problems smartly, then your  preparation is of not much use.

So, below are some of the strategies on how to take a toll on questions swiftly and avoid negative marking in the paper:

  1. Go through the paper: 

Effectively go through the question paper and quickly evaluate the question paper’s difficulty level. If you’re giving an exam in online mode, then use the ‘Mark & Review’ option to mark your problems. While in the offline mode, you can highlight the question number for easy ones.

  • Attempt Easy, Moderate, and lastly, Difficult questions: 

In this strategy, you can review the entire question paper in 3 cycles. Firstly, go for simple questions, then moderate, and lastly, challenging problems. For simple problems, don’t allocate more than a minute. And for moderate ones, don’t give more than 3-4 minutes. If it requires more time, then it’s smarter to skip it.

  • Create subject-wise strategies: 

Firstly, attempt to solve problems from your favorite topics so that you gain confidence and increase your number of questions attempted. This is an important part in JEE Preparation. Take an example of Mathematics; few individuals have a good command over calculations, so they first try problems from that subject.

  • Time Management: 

There’s a clock available on the server in online mode, although, in offline mode, you must take your wristwatch with you so that you can keep a check on time. Moreover, check the time 3-4 times during the exam. After every cycle, check the time given to every problem and match it with the allotted timeframe.

It would be best if you comprehended that every student might have a unique technique. The methodology that works for me probably does not work for you. Hence, solve as many question papers as possible, analyze your comfort zones, and plan your strategies likewise for Jee Preparation.

Because lastly, everything boils down to the amount of resolute devotion and long practices you put in.

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